Remember: all art should be submitted flat, pdf, 300dpi, cmyk. All black type should be the “k” printer only, and NOT rich black. Please note 1/6 and 1/3 ads are not available as a bleed. The 2/3, full and double-truck can bleed.



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Live Area: 15.75" x 9.875"
Trim: 16.75" x 10.875"
Bleed: 17.25" x 11.375"

Please note the template has critical cross over information.

2/3 Page

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Live Area:

4.35" x 9.875"

5.35" x 10.875"

5.85" x 11.375"

1/3 Tall

No Bleed

2.33” x 9.875”

1/3 Square

No Bleed

4.85” x 4.85”

1/6 Page

No Bleed

2.33”x 4.85”

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