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Put your patrons and fans in the BEST place to vote for you with our CUSTOM VOTING PAGE. This feature is social media friendly and helps drive voters directly to your nominated categories. Includes five (5) categories. Additional categories available at $85 a piece.

  • Custom voting link (e.g.:
  • Link can be shared by client via email, social media, flyers, etc.
  • Custom voting page includes 728x180 branding art, nominated categories, and an exit to a URL of your choice
  • Let's your patrons quickly vote for you each day without searching the ballot

Custom Voting Page Add-On*

The RJ's CAST (Custom Audience Segment Targeting) platform allows for you to learn more about an audience so you can engage, convert and build loyalty. Not only do you receive valuable data on those interested in you, but you can market to them post voting as well as others that look just like them.
  • By placing a pixel on your custom voting page, you will be able to learn about those interested in your business
  • A report delivered to you will show demographics, behavior, interests, psychographics of the visitors
  • A digital display campaign of 25,000 impressions is developed to re-target those that visited your page as well as reach lookalikes based on the CAST data
  • Impressions to run on programmatic network as well as

*Must have Custom Voting Page to implement


This feature is "live" during the voting phase (September 1st - September 30th, 2020) of Best of Las Vegas. Allow 24 hours to process order upon confirmation of payment. No discounts on rates for mid-voting entry.

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